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<span>The name</span> «Erochos»

The name «Erochos»

An ancient name

The story begins with a late-archaic copper vase found in 1928, buried under the ruins of an ancient shrine dedicated to the admiration of Demeter, the goddess of harvest, daughter of Cronus and Rhea. The inscription is in ancient Greek and it translates in something like "DEMETER IN EROH[OS]".

"Erochos" is an ancient settlement of the Phocians, according to Pausanias. Centuries later, the same location was named Souvala by the Slavs. In our days, it is called by the Greek name Polydrosso.

We gave the same name "Erochos" to this luxurious suites hotel, standing on the foot of the Parnassos Mountain, near the springs of the Kifissos River.

The contribution of the Ancient World is expressed by pieces of marble. Our contribution to you is hospitality. The luxurious suites of the Erochos Suites Hotel express hospitality in a way that is worthy of our tradition.


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